(Camera:How to do star trail photography.)


■1:This application is a long time exposure calculator

   which is useful for both beginners and professionals.


■2:Learn how to do simple long exposure, like star trail photography.

Long Exposure Calculator

NDFilter Calculator&Sheet 

 (Long Time Exposure Photography)


1:ND Filter Shutter Speed Sheet.(Just Swipe)
2:ND Filter Calculator.

So Easy and Useful.
It is very helpful when taking a long time exposure photograph.

■1:ND Filter Shutter Speed Sheet.
ND Filter Stop : 1Stop(ND2/0.3)〜10Stop(ND1024/3.0)
Shutter Spead : 1/8000〜30s

■2:ND Filter Calculator.
In the case of over 1 second,Please use the calculator.

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